Becoming SCF

embracing the change you want to see

Establishing the need

You are joining a growing number who are becoming more aware of the ecological crisis that is calling our attention. Media, literature and our own personal experience are all playing a part in highlighting that every area of our community life requires radical change if we are to survive and thrive in the future.

Even the smallest changes to what - and how - we consume can make a big impact, especially when all work together for the common good.

It may be just you as a lone voice at the moment or it may be that your church's entire flower team wants to know what can be done to make their continued contribution more sustainable.

Sustainable Church Flowers is here to support and encourage you to take simple yet important steps towards a sutainable future.


Once you have identified the desire to embrace sustainable church flowers you can do no better than to just begin right away. The simplest steps you can take right away are to cease the use of floral foam, invest in buckets and vases, baskets and chicken wire and start using what is available around you - begin to notice what is in season and what can be sourced locally and freely.


You may well be daunted by the process or don't even know where to begin. Talk to a member of the SCF team or reach out to your local SCF ambassador.

The ambassador network together with the members of the team are willing and able to give advice on how to be more effective in your context, how to make a sustainable change and how to implement it with grace and wisdom. 

Please do use all the resources available on the website, including demonstration videos, hints & tips, and inspiration pages.

We invite you to be in contact via the contact us links should you like further support.

Let's work together

Contact the SCF team and ambassadors and together we can make change happen!